Friday, May 13, 2011


Times, they are a'changin'.  Just 5 short years ago, modular factory owners and management would only give lip service to working with their builders in forming good business relations.  Then the housing crunch hit and the factories took it on the chin along with their builders, a lot of whom went out of business.

Over the past couple of years a lot of readers of Modular Home Builder have commented that their factories seemed to be forgetting them when it came to hearing their complaints and suggestions.  They complained that the factories were more concerned trying to land big commercial contracts instead of working to insure that the single family builder was serviced. 

But over the last couple of weeks I'm hearing that many factories are organizing REAL builder seminars where the builders can actually voice their ideas, complaints and suggestions for improving the modular factory experience.  All I can say is BRAVO! 

These meetings have not been like the ones in the past where the builders were brought together and TOLD what was going to happen, these were meetings that asked both sides for input into building a future together.

Sharing Ideas

Builders have written me about the great meetings they have had at Nationwide Homes, Excel Custom Homes and Signature Custom Homes.  I'm sure there are other factories having these meetings but these three must have been standouts because I've gotten quite a bit of email about them.

This is the first step needed for our industry to get organized and start to make inroads into informing the new home buyers of America that modular homes are the best way to build.   


Anonymous said...

So how many months of really, really terrible business before mod companies started doing builder seminars which they should have been doing since they first established their business?
Is this a real turn around in their philosophies or just until business gets better when they will revert to business as usual?
I'll give them the benefit of the doubt but will also take a wait and see attitude.

Heywood said...

This is welcome news, but what about technical training from the manufacturer to the builder.
Are we like manufactured housing where they got legislation to require the states to train their installers?
Fielding complaints in a seminar is nice, but technical training is way over due!