Thursday, June 30, 2011


A British construction company has joined forces with a German manufacturer to deliver the latest innovation in building techniques at a site in North Staffordshire - creating new homes built in hours.

Under a partnership between Seddon Construction, the British company; and specialist off-site manufacturer Streif Sustainable Building Systems, the German company, modular  apartmeents have been built at the new North Staffs YMCA Young Persons’ Village in Hanley, through an off-site construction process.

The  Nurseries built in  England by German modular builder, Streif
In just four weeks, 30 flats have been built over three floors on the site, to the highest green standards.

The process began with the manufacture of the flats at Streif’s factory in Weinham, Germany – before a team of workers from the company then joined forces with Seddon in Hanley to erect the major structure.

Despite language barriers – an interpreter was needed to aid communication between both parties – the team worked without a hitch, delivering each flat in just 4.5 hours. 

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