Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I've noticed a growing trend on this blog.  It's getting quite a few readers from Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Rim countries.  Most of them are about 12 hours ahead of my US readers which means that my nighttime readership is growing.

Investigating this a little further found that there are many modular and container home factories located there. 

Here is an example of just one of them, Earth Cube.

I've never been a big fan of container homes in the US but with all the earthquakes and floods in Asia and Australia, I am becoming a believer in their necessity for these situations.  Maybe I will actually visit one soon and possibly change my mind about living in one on a permanent basis but until then, call me a skeptic.

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Isaac said...

Wow, you know they actually managed to design that to have kind of a modern appeal, if not a little boxy. I can see how these would be great to use on hillsides and/or in countries prone to flooding. I recently heard of condominiums being built inside old nuclear missile bunkers to save people from the alleged 2012 apocalypse. hmmm maybe thats taking it a little too far but in this case I agree, homes built of sealed containers would be secure and would amount to relatively inexpensive modular homes