Thursday, June 9, 2011


Architect Tony Robins addressed the growing niche of high-end pre-fabricated architecture at the 2011 Festival of Architecture held recently at the Vancouver Convention Centre. Robins detailed how the modern history of pre-fabricated architecture began with caravans in the United Kingdom and trailer parks in North America, and said that in fact there’s a growing movement to build high-end modular homes that can be moved to a site by truck and then installed.

Tony Robins, Architect

He goes on to tell his audience that pre-fabricated architecture is transforming simple trailers and moving them to the cutting edge of design.  I guess he's never heard of modular homes actually being designed and built by architects before. I can just imagine the first time he saw a modular home going down the road and thought that maybe, just maybe, aliens from Mars were getting ready to colonize our planet, only to discover they were high end trailers built here on Earth.

And don't  forget that one of his fellow architects, Michelle Kaufmann, founded modular housing about the same time that Al Gore invented the Internet.  Whatever those architects on the West Coast are smoking, it must be some real good s***!

CLICK HERE to read this "insightful" story about the birth and future of modular housing.


William said...

But Coach Robbins quoted your favorite benefit of modular housing - built inside! You MUST HAVE LOVED THAT LITTLE TIDBIT!!!!

Coach said...

OMG! I never knew that modular homes were built inside. You're right, I should call and thank him for that earth shaking info.

You gotta love some folks, don't ya?

Anonymous said...

hey Coach..I think you are sterotyping architects like people do to modular homes (trailers). We are not all stupid and flightly! But I have to was quite funny! :-)
Amy at NHDC

Coach said...

The east coast Architects are good at knowing how to work with modular housing. You are a great example of those efforts.

It just seems that when Architects live on the west coast, they think they are discovering modular homes for the first time.

I hope I never personally meet Michele K, she might knock me on my butt!