Monday, June 27, 2011


POSCO, the large Korean steel and modular company, and Mechel Steel, headquartered in Moscow, Russia, signed a new contract to build a housing complex for workers mining at the Elga coalfield, the largest coalfield in Russia, kick starting its resource development operations in Far Eastern Siberia. The modular housing part of the project requires accommodations for over 3,000 workers!

On June 21st , POSCO A&C Ltd., which specializes in design and modular construction, signed a contract to build a housing complex for the workers at the Elga coalfield, a hotel, a police station, a hospital and other facilities required for developing the Elga coalfield.

Through this deal, POSCO has set the basis for participating in infrastructure development such as harbor, road and urban facilities in Far Eastern Siberia, as well as leading the mining development business.

The Elga coalfield is located in the Sakha Republic in Far Eastern Siberia where winter temperatures hit -40.

I guess the idea of modular factories working with other related factories to produce housing and commercial buildings are best done by the big Pacific Rim and Eastern European countries.  I can't even imagine a typical modular plant in the USA ever working together with other factories to provide a city with housing or with a couple of other factories to create a quick response program for affordable housing for people left homeless in natural disasters.  Maybe that's why FEMA always turns to the HUD factories for houses instead of homes that we produce.

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On a very large project where a plant is in for seventy percent of production, a piece of the project is better than the whole thing. Sharing is caring...