Thursday, July 21, 2011


If you want to succeed in the modular home building business, you must do the best you can for your prospects.  Being the best turns them into buyers and happy buyers will get you a ton of referrals.  You need to know what your buyers want in order to be successful and here are 10 of the ways to get there. 

1.      People want you to show an interest in their lives.
You not only have to know their names, you have to know about their families, their current housing, what they like and don’t like about it.

2. People want you to be quick!
People want their quotes and floorplans yesterday, not tomorrow or 3-4 days down the road. If you are slow, your customer will find someone else who can provide them with quick service.

3. People want you to be available.
Customers want to know that they can reach you when there is a problem or a concern with their house. They are tired of answering machines and automated voice mail. Provide multiple ways for customers to reach you, including business phone, home phone, fax, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and cell phone.

4. People want a friendly voice and a warm smile.
The first rule of customer service when you meet any person or when you answer the phone is to grin from ear to ear. If you are happy and smiling, your customers will be happy and will smile with you all the way to the bank.

5. People want you to underpromise and overdeliver.
If you overpromise, and underdeliver, I can assure you your clients will talk about it to everyone they meet. Your name will be mud, and there won't be a thing you can do about it.

6. People want you to help them.
People are tired of being sold. They are sold 20 times a day every day. What people really want is for you to help them. Provide value every day, and you will develop raving fan customers.

7. People want to hear you say "Yes, I can do that."
People don't want to hear lame excuses such as: "I can’t get product."
"We don't provide that service."
"My computer was down yesterday, so I did not get your e-mail."
Consumers of today are smart and savvy, and when they call for help, they want to hear you say "Yes...I can help you." Drop the excuses, and become focused on solutions rather than problems.

8. People want to know that you are highly skilled and trained.
Your clients want to know that you are on the cutting edge and that you are constantly devoted to the highest level of learning and training made available.

9. People want you to stop "nit picking."
If you are charging nickels and dimes for added extras such as an meeting them on a Sunday or having to make an extra trip to the zoning board, you will be viewed as "cheap," and this will leave a bad taste in the mouths of your clients. Provide added value without a charge, and watch as other customers walk in your door.

10. People want to hear the magic words "Thank-you."

The words "Thank-you" are music to a client's ears. Say it with sincerity, and say it often.


Anonymous said...

People want what is cheap. They will "compare" quotes, by taking all of your numbers, and give them to another builder to see if you can do better. When a homeowner comes to me, wanting to employ this method. I tell them I am NOT interested. I had one homeowner a actually tell me, she was pricing out her home with 10 builders.

William said...

So what do you expect -- for prospective customers to get a single quote. You must remember this is the single largest purchase people make and we get upset when they want to "shop around" before they buy.
C'mon folks you must have some confidence in what you are doing and that your prices and what you offer are fair and competitive. Doing price quotes and meeting with prospects is all part of the process of getting orders. If you are so stuck on yourself and what you do that you will not work with prospects then get ready to shut your door. In this market people are shopping around. And I think when the market improves we will see a different buyer - those that are more astute and want assurances, guarantees and to be treated like the valuable buyers they are.

Anonymous said...

Well said.

Scott said...

As a homebuyer looking to build in the next few months I am caught in this exact dillema. I acknolwedge Anonymous' point in that I am not getting everyone who builds Champion to quote me out the same model, instead I met all the builders and had the one I liked best give me a quote.

But how do I chose between different builder/manufacturers? There are several tiers of quality and I need a baseline for the myriad of companies that offer higher end products (Excel, Mod-u-kraf, Nationwide, Haven Homes).

Now that I've gotten some quotes I can know what I give up in terms of square footage over a Champion in order to gain quality ammenities, plus I could eliminate HH as their baseline would max my budget.

Now I'm struggling with how to down select between Excel, Nationwide, & Mod-U-Kraf; from my perspective they're all well built, have a large selection of products, and have quality builders in my area. Help?!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Scott makes the point Anonymous was pointing out. Keep trying to put that square peg into a round hole William!