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In our continuing effort to bring interesting articles to the readers of Modular Home Builder, here is one about Keywords and Search Engines from one of the featured speakers at the annual International Builder's Show for the last several years.

5 Tips on Selecting and Using Keywords
by: Brian Flook, MIRM
Last month, we talked about how relevance is necessary for SEO success. In April's Builder Bulletin article, we'll dive further into the world of keywords.

As we discussed in our March Builder Bulletin article, "Ride Relevance to the Top with SEO," correctly identifying your keywords and using them strategically will dramatically increase your search engine ranking. The more relevant your keywords and keyword phrases are, the more buoyant your website will be in an organic Google search. Consequently, if your keywords are wrong, your results will be poor at best. 

That said, the heart and soul of Internet success is keyword selection. Using the proper keywords correctly is the foundation to any improvements in organic search engine results. Here are five tips on selecting and using keywords:

1. Focus on 10 keywords first. If you try to optimize too many, you will likely frustrate yourself and not see the success, even if it's there. You can utilize Google's FREE keyword program to see if your keyword ideas have any value. Click here for the Google Keywords Tool

2. Don't waste time with one-word keywords. For instance, the keyword new homes will generate you literally millions of interested searchers. Unfortunately, the term is so broad that those searchers could be looking for resale, or looking in Florida or Texas. They could also be architects looking for ideas or plumbers looking for clients. BUT, if you use the keyword new homes Frederick, MD; now you have something.

3. Use your keywords everywhere: social media posts like Facebook and Twitter, blog entries, online press releases, your website copy — anywhere and everywhere online you can.

4. ALWAYS use your keywords in your meta tags: description tag and title tag.

5. Sign up your website on Google analytics or another analytics program to track the success of your keywords so you can update and improve them as you go.

SEO is a powerful force in gaining sales and brand awareness for builders, but it's not something you start today and see results tomorrow. Successful Internet marketing is a very dynamic process that takes time and financial investment. But, properly executed it pays great dividends.

When a builder hires Power Marketing for their Internet campaigns, we start by selecting the right keywords for their unique company. Then, we execute an SEO campaign using powerful inbound marketing techniques to build an influential online presence. Results don't happen overnight — successful SEO optimization is a strategic process — but clients often experience results as early as 4–6 months. 

Best of luck as you pursue your success online. Keep reading our Builder Bulletins for more tips about strengthening your keywords, SEO and your overall marketing strategy. To learn more about the ideas in this newsletter and others, visit our website at or contact us at

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