Monday, July 18, 2011


I am a big follower of LinkedIn but now it seems that some people are becoming addicted to it just like some have become addicted to Facebook and Twitter.  This was brought home when I was talking with the Owner/President of a large modular home factory last week.

Even though I have never met him, we have become friends after he invited me to "Link" to him on the LinkedIn social network.  LinkedIn is primarily for business people to share ideas, search for jobs and basically get their name and their companies name in front of millions of like-minded people.
There are "Groups" and "Companies" that you can follow and have each send you an email when someone updates their info or new comments are made.  This is what my LinkedIn friend told me is his addiction.

He started joining "Groups" about 6 months ago.  It started with a couple targeted to the modular housing industry.  That led to other groups featuring construction, housing, marketing, sales, job seekers and many others.  So many in fact that every time he opens his email, there are at least 50 new "comments" from these groups.

At first he said that he only opened the ones for modular housing but soon he was opening and responding with his comments to almost every group.  He knew he was getting addicted because his employees, his builders and even his business were becoming an interruption to his reading and responding to his group comments.

This prompted him to contact me and tell me how easy it is for someone to fall into this trap.  He also told me that he dropped all his groups but still follows the companies because they are his competition. Even if a group sends him an email, he now deletes it immediately.  Has it been easy?  Not according to him.  He is a little paranoid that he might be missing something and is very tempted to "Just take a peek" at group comments to see what he might be missing but so far he hasn't.  But its only been 5 days.

If you open you email and find more than 10 "comments" a day from your LinkedIn groups, you might be on a similar path.  Enjoy these social media sites but be very, very careful.  It only takes a couple of days to get hooked but a long time to recover from your addiction.


William said...

I too started with LinkedIn when it appeared it was a way to communicate with people with like minded ventures/business/etc. However it is now a burden to open the email each day and see all of the innocent and nefarious posting from people who seem to not have anything better to do than make postings.
I liked this site because it allowed me to keep track of friends and people I know in the industry, however I am at the point where I am ready to UNLINK myself from this web site.

Anonymous said...

You're preaching to the choir Coach. Linkedin is very addictive. I know because I weaned myself from both it and Twitter on the same day last month.
I was losing myself in commenting to just about anything that showed up on those sites. I almost lost my job over them because my production was slipping.
I do try to read this blog about once a week and find it very interesting and helpful. Keep up the good work.