Monday, July 25, 2011


I saw this article on the Fayette Observer's blog and thought I would share it with my readers.  Blue Ridge Log Cabins, the factory that provided the modular home, is really promoting it and doing a great job.

Blue Ridge Log Cabins has kindly put up an online video stream so you can watch the house be built from the comfort of home. Blue Ridge, who is based in South Carolina, specializes in log cabin modular homes, so the pieces are being brought to the Langdon Street site now. Go here to watch this architectural feat happen. Remember, this whole thing must be done by Thursday!

Brian Dukes, who has been at the site today, says the camera normally has been in the VIP tent, but it's brought out tonight so we can watch the house being put down on the foundation. Pretty nifty, huh? Let's hope that the camera stays outside. No offense, VIPs, but we want to see some action!


Anonymous said...

an 8000 square foot home? why not 4- 2000 square ft homes and house 4 families?

Blue Ridge Log Cabins said...

The "press" always exaggerates the facts. The Jubilee House serves as housing for Mrs. Marshall and her family, as well as housing up to 5 homeless female veterans and their families while they transition out to a stable civilian life.