Saturday, July 30, 2011


Owners of modular homes built at the Champion Homes plant in Colorado launched an $8 billion class action Friday, accusing the Canadian Standards Association of giving its seal of approval to a faulty product.

A statement of claim says the non-profit association was negligent and lacked the authority to certify the the ready-to-move homes, which were built at a Colorado plant for the Canadian market between 2002 and 2010.

Robert Granger of Edmonton, named as the plaintiff in the class action, says he checked for the CSA certification before buying his home.  But within six months, serious safety problems surfaced, including faulty electrical work, a lack of ventilation and trouble with heating, he said.  "I expected to move into a safe, comfortable home and instead I ended up with a nightmare that cost over $10,000 to repair." he told CBC News.

Allegations not proven

Allegations in the statement of claim have not been tested in court.

Champion Home Builders Co., the U.S. manufacturer, wanted the CSA to certify the homes so they would meet Canadian standards, the claim says.

But "tens of thousands of homes" sold to Canadians were built below Canadian standards, said Saskatchewan lawyer Tony Merchant, who launched the class action on Friday.

"The job wasn't being done properly," Merchant said of the CSA certification. "And … they didn't have the authorization to do the job."

The suit also names the Standards Council of Canada, a Crown corporation that Merchant says was created to protect Canadian consumers from such losses.


Randy said...

I can't believe Champion built "tens of thousands" of doublewides in Colorado and shipped them to Canada. Wouldn't it have made more sense to open a plant just this side of the border or even in Canada.
There are lot of modular factories that have been open for decades and haven't built tens of thousands of homes.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Randy, I believe tens of thousands of homes is a slight exaggeration!

mylittleangel313 said...

We just purchased one of these homes last fall! it is unbelievable all the problems it has: electrical, vapor barrier issues, insulation missing, windows leak.....We can't get anywhere with getting it fixed! How can I help? and stay informed about this? we have a trailer park of these in our town alone, that are so cold in the winter everyone moved out! and they all came from colorado the same time as ours.

gopher said...

I'm in SK Canada and I'm thinking of buying a Hart (subsidiary of Forest River) double-wide which was built in Indiana. It is very similar in appearance to the model pictured above. It's new as it has been sitting there on the lot unsold since 2008. Does anyone know if Hart Homes has problems similar to the Champion Homes outfit mentioned here? Thanks.

Fred K. said...

Put the blame with the builder, not CSA. They cannot inspect every single unit built !

Anonymous said...

I bought a Redman Home, which is the company who builds Champion, and that was the biggest mistake I made, there was nothing that worked in the home, and the when the wind blew outside, it could be felt on the inside of the home. And, we could not get it fixed. That is what I get for paying cash for home. End result, the home who is built by the same manufacturer as Champion, was not a good home. I had to sell it for a scrap price and built a stick built home.

Alternative Living said...

The reason they were building them in the States is because it in a lot cheaper. Building supplies are cheaper and labour is cheaper.

I sell Sterling homes and they are Great! Sterling is a part of Forest River too.

Sterling homes are not CSA approve they are Intertek. Its the same thing as CSA but better.

You can check out the standards of the Sterling homes at my website

tledger said...

I purchased my first home from Champion Home for $107,000 11/2011 and moved in 02/2012. It had been a nightmare. The windows are crooked, siding falling off, clue on carpet, vinyl has sharp objects underneath floor, cabinets falling apart, master bedroom make a cracking noise when you walk, several areas missing paint, several areas have not been textured, outlet coming out of the wall, light flickering off and on. I had to take a lot of time off work to meet contractors. I could go on and on, but I would just start crying again.

Lawrence N. said...

Hey Anonymous, get your head out of the sand. Intertek is NOT better than CSA, they just rubber stamp things. At least CSA has been around for 90 years and has alot more respect in industry than Intertek ever will !!!

Anonymous said...

Same here, had this redman home set in 2006. been horrible, now it looks like I will have to put a new roof on it ands it's only been 6 years. In ohio here by the way.

Anonymous said...

You all foolish for thinking you can buy a quality well built home for less then an rv.