Saturday, July 9, 2011


Ending unemployment has always been the end goal but with jobs and if fact, entire companies, being outsourced and factories being closed, about the only way to bring people back into the workforce has been incentives from the Federal Government.

Well, here is something radically different that just might help.  If a factory has 39 hourly employees all working 40 hours or more a week and they each signed a pledge to only work 39 hours instead with the "extra" 39 hours going to a qualified unemployed person, unemployment would be cut by one person.  Overtime would start at 39 hours instead of the more traditional 40.

Now imagine EVERY factory in the entire US doing this!  WOW! 

There will be some people that just think they can't give up one hour a week but there has to be something they or their family buy that could be sacrificed that is equal to one hour's wages. 

If a factory has 390 workers, 10 more people can go to work. 3,900 workers means 100 more and so on and so on until the unemployment rate starts to drop back to the 5% range.  Taxes would be collected, the national debt would ease, people would be happier and more houses would be purchased.

The only thing wrong with this is that nobody would do it.

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Oregon home builder said...

Coach. I disagree with you. If the American worker were presented with your idea they would get behind it a 100%.
Why couldn't it work. It's simple and I like the idea of overtime being adjusted back to 39 hours. If I had 39 people still working for me, I would ask them to do it.