Tuesday, July 12, 2011


HybridCore Homes, a year-old Santa Rosa company that sells builders factory-built core sections for new homes, announced an agreement Monday with one of the nation’s largest home manufacturers.

Champion Home Builders of Troy, Mich., will build and market HybridCore designs in two markets, the Washington, D.C., metro area and North Dakota’s oil region. Both areas feature a significant amount of new home construction, said Shaun Faber, a co-founder and managing partner of HybridCore.

“We feel like this is a big step for us,” Faber said.  DUH!  Only open a year and you are bought by Champion Homes.  Sounds like a good exit strategy to me.

HybridCore homes are designed to be constructed in half the time and for 20 to 30 percent less than a conventionally built home. Kitchens, bathrooms and other components are factory built as a core section. 

hybridHomes builds the shaded areas of these homes

Could someone can explain to me why Champion is doing this?  I can understand North Dakota because of the huge oil reserve find and limited housing for factory workers but come on, Washington, DC!!!!  Champion has never had much of a footprint in that market even though they own a lot of factories within 300 miles of it.

Most Champion authorized modular home builders left the fold and are now with other factories and about all they have left are mobile home street dealers.  Since hybridHomes are only the core sections of the house and the balance has to be added by the end builder, can you imagine what the finished product will look like if they are sold through double wide dealers?  OMG!

Maybe Champion heard that Obama is getting ready to lease National Parks for mobile home parks and Champion has the inside track.  Now we know how Obama is going to help the unemployed -- give them trailers to live in on the National Mall.  Smart move.  Stimulate the housing section and find housing for the people displaced because they can't get their houses refinanced.


Anonymous said...

why do you state that champion bought this company?

Coach said...

Champion Homes is a manufacturing company and has no interest in supplying homes in which they don't have an ownership relationship.

At one time they had over 60 factories pumping out homes and they never bought any homes from third party manufacturers. Even though they only have 27 plants now, nothing has changed.

If they don't own it right now, they will very shortly or they will dump hybridHomes.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone see the neophyte management of Champion really buying HybridHomes? If that happens it is just another nail in their coffin. This whole hybrid core business is not something that appears to be destined for a long term future in the building industry and why Champion would even be involved in this is baffling.Professionals who remain at Champion from previous administrations and ownership entities have to be scratching their heads and updating their resumes.
Plus look the geographic area for the first two test markets. See any synergies?