Friday, July 15, 2011


I got an email about Nationwide Homes in Virginia telling me that they recently redesigned their website.  I am an advocate of modular factories keeping their sites fresh and up to date and I jumped right on it and explored.

Eco-Cottage by Nationwide

Pleasant surprise #1.  It's easier to use.  Everything is right where you think it ought to be.  No searching through page after page to find the home your looking for.

Surprise #2.  Videos!  Lots of videos.  Everything that a prospective home buyer would want to see is presented in easy to find videos.  My wife and I watched them all.

You will especially like the Care Cottage link.

Keeping their website interesting has never been a problem for Nationwide Homes and this latest version is no exception.  Visit it and enjoy the view.

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Anonymous said...

They just changed the mainpage...everything else is the same ;)