Friday, July 15, 2011


SIPS of America, Blairs, VA will be taking part in a University of Virginia project that just earned a $2.5M award from the VA Tobacco Commission designing modular, affordable, energy efficient housing that can be quickly transported disaster areas where they can be assembled easily, as well as address general residential housing needs.

SIPS of America has been named as one of the partners in the project, along with Cardinal Homes in Wylliesburg, VA. 

“The grant will fund research, development, testing and demonstration of housing for disaster recovery and residential housing markets — encompassing design and CAD — and may lead to a robust modular and panelized housing systems industry in Southside Virginia,” said Phillip Parrish, associate vice president for research at UVA

Sips of America President Jimmy Farlow said the project includes designing and building a home that — in addition to being affordable, energy-efficient and an easy modular design to assemble — will help reduce the spread of diseases in places like Haiti, where a massive 2010 earthquake leveled buildings and resulted in the rapid spread of disease because people have been living so primitively.

SIPS of America

“Where there’s no housing, there’s illness and there’s no power,” Farlow said.

The modular homes would be designed to ship flat and be assembled by six people using only hand tools in a day, Farlow said.


Anonymous said...

O'boy another great PR event but when will we see some meat on this bleached white bones? And why does Haiti always have to be mentioned? Haiti has no infrastructure on which to build replacement housing. Lots of money been raised but look at the people still living in tents or tarps or whatever they can find to shelter them.
I am all for this type of help but I am more concerned about the thousands of our fellow Americans living in substandard housing, in squalor, on the streets, under bridges, etc. If we have all this ability to build shelter for citizens of the world why not put those efforts to your fellow citizens. Same thing goes for our political electives who continue to support the world but fail to provide funding for housing for Americans. AMERICA FIRST!!!

Builder Bob said...

Your right about being tired of the Haiti problem when we have so many here to work on. But I have to point out that we can't build and use these homes in the US beacause of all the strict building and environmental codes and laws.
If you build houses like I do, you probably couldn't find a town anywhere that would allow you to build one of these homes.
If you try to live off the grid, the local government will probably charge you for a permit if you want to put up solar panels or a wind turbine. You can't drill your own water well in any area serviced by public water and its the same for sewer.
These homes would be perfect for thousands of families but with all the fees and funds that have to be paid, that cost would be more than the cost of the home.