Friday, July 29, 2011


I was watching ICE ROAD TRUCKERS the other week and noticed that 2 drivers were pulling large commercial modular units on the Canadian ice road.  For those of you who haven't seen History Channel's Ice Road Truckers, you're missing some of the toughest drivers in action in the worst possible conditions.

With temperatures at -40 and wind blowing so hard that sometimes it's hard stand up, anything shipped from the bottom of Alaska to the northern oil drilling towns must be shipped by heavy haul trucks during the short winter months when the sea actually freezes enough to send trucks over it.

The company, BCI Modular, that built the modules for a dormitory has sent over some pictures of the project.  This building, about 46 modules in total, was built on an island about 4 miles off shore.  The only way to get the units there was by truck over the frozen ocean.

And we think we have it tough!


William said...

Outstanding job by BCI. Thanks for the posting Coach. It shows that some modular operations are going beyond the normal single family housing in this tough market. Congrats to BCI for being inventive and searching out new business.

Anonymous said...

I watched that show but they didn't show them putting up the buildings. Now that would have been more interesting than watching some old fat guy trying to drive a truck and getting stuck.

Anonymous said...

Do you have any video or sites to watch for that story? I want to watch it. I will come back for your response. Thanks.

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