Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Habitaflex, a wholly owned subsidiary of Maisons Laprise, renown Canadian quality prefabricated home manufacturer since 1989,  is manufacturing a Folding and Transportable Quick Building Solution.

The first Habitaflex was exported to Poland in 1999. Since then, many Habitaflex have found their way to Europe, America, Africa as well as Australia. 

Habitaflex proposes a timely and much sought-after quick building solution. An entirely factory-built 40'  self-contained ship-ready module concept, Habitaflex redefines the notion of prefabrication and transportation into one single innovation. 

Habitaflex is born from the challenge of pre-building a cost-effective, compact and transport-friendly building solution. Habitaflex can be unfolded, mixed-&-matched, interconnected, transported, relocated, and more interestingly, be exported easily and cost-effectively. Habitaflex folds ingeniously back into its own seafreight-approved container!


ibgreen said...

LOL! It has been a number of years since I have seen the overhead microphone appear in the top of the screen. I was approached by a foreign company utilizing a similar concept. I will try to find a link.

Anonymous said...

This is another of those building techologies that is really on the periphery of the industry and does not have sufficient industry market share to even register when industry analysis is done. There have been several US companies with similar type products but from what I understand all have closed.
It is nice to see these technologies are still around but not many of them are suited for mainstay housing. We see a lot of these "come and go" when we have need for shelter from natural disasters such as Haiti, Katrina, Andrew, etc.

Anonymous said...

We are a small manufacture of prefab home in Spain...We just finish our first prefab home, and we are happy to send you our info....

Anonymous said...

Why bother with a folding house when there are a lot of great travel trailers out there that can do the same thing and you don't have to have a crew help you set it up.