Thursday, August 4, 2011


Excel Homes, the large custom modular home manufacturer from PA, introduced the American Lifestyle series. They are targeting home buyers interested in traditional design.  The American Lifestyle series merges the classic with a modern flair. Homes feature open floor plans and unique architectural details, and are suitable for virtually any location in the U.S. 

The series includes five ranch designs, five cape designs, and four two-story options. Design names evoke American tradition, and include Magnolia, Gordon, Shiloh, Barclay, Sullivan and Manchester.  The company offers an endless number of custom options and upgrades for maximum flexibility and style.

“The designs are simply a starting point,” says David Reed, sales manager of Excel Homes. “You can literally make our house your home by choosing everything from the layout and design to countertops and fixtures from a variety of well-known national brands. We work with you so the end result is truly your own custom design.” 


Anonymous said...

Is this the same David Reed that was part of Penn Lyon?

Anonymous said...

Yes it is the same Dave Reed.

Harry said...

What happened to the Road Side Rest Stops? I see they are no longer on the Excel website.