Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I know...we still have 6 months until the 2012 International Builder's Show in Orlando, Florida but I just checked the list of Exhibitors and guess who is MIA?   Modular Home factories!

Not a single one is on the list.  Maybe I overlooked one but I don't think I did.  And to top it off and put a cherry on top, I couldn't find one discussion or seminar about modular housing. 

I really wonder if modular home factories understand that they are manufacturers.  I get the feeling that many owners and managers are forgetting that.  Instead they are considering themselves to be above the mundane idea that they have to market themselves and compete against other factories and other types of construction techniques.  All I can say is "out of sight...out of mind!"

I was with Genesis Homes when they built the "Cottage" at the Las Vegas IBS and I got over 1,600 builders from my assigned territory requesting information.

If any factory is going to be exhibiting at the show, drop me a line and I'll do an article about your factory. Email Me!

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't find a modular comapny of any kind at IBS but I don't know the names of all of them. If there isn't any mention of modular homes at the show how will people know what we build.

William said...

Coach - a very important question: Of the 1,600 leads you got from the IBS show how many of them were coverted to REPEAT ORDER BUILDERS - MEMBERS OF THE GENESIS DISTRIBUTION NETWORK.
Now tell me how much each of those sales cost. ie: Total cost to Genesis to participate in the event (cost of house, lodging, meals, entertainment, salaries, IBS display costs-fees-etc.) divided by the number of sales.
I dare say if a good percentage were converted Genesis would be a real mainstay in the modular industry today instead of an "also ran."
Or was this another of Champion's play to be "bigger than life" in the modular industry? Did it work?

Coach said...

Champion built a great house with their Genesis brand back in the early 2000's but top company executives were trailer people and didn't give a damn if it succeeded or not. Push those trailers, baby!

If Genesis would have been given any kind of love by Champion, they would have been hugely popular as every home came with a full compliment of appliances, very good flooring including factory installed hardwood and top of the line shingles and siding.

The potential builders were excited about buying Genesis until they visited the factory and watched the trailers rolling down the assembly line.

Pro Mod said...

I understand the modular manufacturer dilemma when we are speaking about companies who are regionally based participating in a national show for big bucks; however, many of the "mergers" of these regional companies into more nationally visible organizations reaching nearly all continental, markets should result in some form of participation at the largest builders show.

As for modular presentations, anyone interested in proposing a presentation for consideration at IBS this year had to pay a fee in addition to the submission of their program; not a brilliant move by NAHB if they are encouraging folks based on content rather than wallet size.

Presenters, with very few exceptions, must still pay for their registrations and other expenses should they be selected to present. I planned on submitting several proposals this year but upon seeing that move in this economy by NAHB, I decided not to support their actions...and I am a paying, active NAHB member at my local.

William said...

Coach since you were on the inside with Champion/Genesis I take your comments as factual.
I've taken houses to national shows and none of them provided any type of ROI - including the PR we thought we would get. I always got better results by spending money on regional shows were we could pin point our marketing efforts. The cost to do regional events are much less than national shows plus your money has potential ROI as you get more prospective clients due to the fact they too look at the cost to attend shows and also want a return on the money they spent to attend.
Regional shows have always been the best bet for modular manufacturers with the exception of multi-plant national companies that want to prove to all others they have the money to spend and should be getting more recognition from their peers than they do. Unfortunately none of these companies seem to have success in the long term.

Coach said...

Pro Mod. I didn't realize that the speakers had to come up with an entry fee but I kind of see the NAHB's point. Free seminar means free advertising and free leads while all the exhibitors have to pay to get the same leads.

Dave said...


Building Systems Council has always sponsored educational seminars. For 2012, BSC will have a seminar entitled: "Modular Homes 101: Less Risk, Less Overhead, Greater Profits". Kevin Flaherty of Genesis Homes and myself (Dave Wrocklage of Epoch Homes) will be speaking. Kevin and I did a similar seminar last year. We have typically attracted 60 to 300 participants. Last year we were on the low size, no surprise. BSC has also continually had a booth at IBS mto promote systems building. With budgets so tight, the challenge has been to get companies to support and attend these important events. If anyone out there is a member of BSC, please contact Tony Gacek to see how you can support these efforts. If you are not a member, consider joining and being an important part of promoting our industry.

MJC said...

I'd like to comment on this subject if I may. I've been selling exhibit space for the IBS for nearly 20 years and I'll tell you, you can't find better exposure to builders than the IBS.
The Gensis Home that was built back in 2003 was a huge success. It really drew a lot of attention not mention press. The lines for attendees to past thru the house snaked thru the entire hall so much so we had to put up rope and stancion for crowd control.
However, those were the begining of the "Good Old Days". With the economy being what it is today, you can still participate in the IBS but at a much smaller more cost effective measure. Sure you can attend regional shows where they allow the public access to the show and maybe that's what you want. But the IBS offers a broad national audience with a majority of the attendees coming from within 5- 700 mile radius of the host city. This is true of all shows except maybe Vegas. You'll also get access to national press such as the Wall Street Journal, CNN and other major networks. You won't get that at a regional show. Most of the IBS attendees make the IBS the only show the attend all year. Regardless of the economy and the IBS being more than half the scale it use to be, it's still one of the largest trade shows in the U.S. Ask yourself, where else can you have the opportunity to reach 30,000+ potential clients in four days. It's certainly not a regional show. The IBS is about networking with the right kind of people. If you are interested in exhibitng at the IBS then give me call. Trust me it is affordable.

Mike Currier
VP Exposition Sales

Anonymous said...

Based on the planning meetings I have been in, Palm Harbor Homes / Nationwide Homes will be well represented with a few modular homes on display at IBS2012.