Saturday, August 13, 2011


A ribbon cutting will be held Aug. 12 at 10:30 a.m. for a Clayton i-house at Green Bridge Farm, a subdivision near Rincon, GA.

The home, which is a manufactured home and being offered as a real modular home, will be one of the first places where people can see, tour and buy Clayton Home’s new i-house.   

It looks like two single wides built on a huge deck.
The i-house is a net zero energy residence, meaning the combination of energy-efficient appliances, geothermal, solar panels and the innovative time-of-use rate from Georgia Power will result in a net zero energy cost over the year. The owner of the i-house will also charge his new Chevy Volt — one of only a few in the entire state— through the home’s solar panels.

The i-house does have a lot of neat features including roof that boasts both solar panels and a rainwater collection system for use in irrigation, bamboo floors, a tankless water heater and low-E energy-efficient windows. 

To make it look more like a tree hugger’s wet dream, the home’s design includes furnishings from IKEA, optional flex room and rooftop patio. 

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William said...

When you have as much money tied up in a project like Clayton does on this product you must continue to market it in hopes of getting some payback on your investment. Plus, how else will Kevin Clayton continue to appease Warren Buffett. He certainly does not want to tell him he poured lots of $$$$$ down the I-House hole with no ROI. That could spell disaster for KC.