Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Awhile back, the self proclaimed queen of modular housing, Michelle Kaufmann, actually came up with something that I thought she should market to every modular factory in the US but alas, she didn't.  It was an Energy label similar to the nutrition label we now find on all packaged and prepared foods.

Now, three years later, a tract builder, KB Homes, the company that is shoving Martha Stewart down our throats, unveiled an Energy label for some of their homes.

Here is the KB Homes' label

and here is the MKD label that I wrote about 3 years ago:

CLICK HERE to read the MKD article.

Here is KB Homes' $97 a month Energy Star home:

$97 a month energy bill expected from this KB Home

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William said...

Coach - The question of cost/benefit/payback still remains with all these energy and green options. For the KB offering what is the total cost to get this $97 guaranteed monthly energy bill versus the total cost of all add-ons to be able to get this rate. Then the math to see how long it takes to recoup the investment.