Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I had an interesting phone call yesterday from Ken Semler of Express Modular asking if I knew of any top notch sales people for their organization.  I'm often contacted by people looking for sales positions but rarely by modular factories or builders.  

What really caught my attention was when I heard that they are being contacted by so many people across the US asking about building modular homes that they are seeking more sales professionals to handle the demand.  The folks at Express Modular are very particular and are seeking only the best sales professionals.  If you would like to know more about sales opportunities with them…CLICK HERE!

Over the years, ExpressModular has used their system to help tons of home buyers become home owners.  They have established a network of builders and factories throughout the US to provide great modular homes and save you money as well.  They are not a “drop and set” company that is just there to sell you a house and then leave after the modules are delivered to your foundation.

Rather, they work with home buyers from first contact to move-in to insure that even if you do a lot of your own work on the house, every step is taken together.  They even offer a free e-book to help you take the first steps.

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William said...

Coach, great to read about someone having business in this market! I reviewed the Express Modular web site and it appears they cut a BIG SWATH throughout the USA in their marketing efforts. It would be great to read more about how they do this retail program doing turn key construction in such a large and diverse geographic area.