Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Stone Creek Homes, a modular home company, will move into the old Shamrock Homes location in Plymouth, IN and plans to hire about 70 new employees.  Stone Creek Homes, based in Nebraska, has already started building homes at the Plymouth location.  I could not find a website for Stone Creek Homes.

The company is partnering up with Shamrock Homes to help the job market in the city.  The company’s co-owner, Dave Ferguson, is from Plymouth and said he is glad to return. 

Shamrock Homes factory in Plymouth, IN
“When the opportunity arose that we could come back, we decided that we could pay it forward for the community and the community was in desperate need of jobs,” said Ferguson.  That opportunity came when Shamrock Homes had to stop production and lay off their employees.

“When Shamrock closed it was a sad day," Plymouth Mayor Mark Senter said. “They’d been here for forty years and we were sad to see them go.”  The new employees said they appreciate the added jobs for the community.

“It helps everybody out,” production manager Andy Weaver said. “Everything is so tough. You apply for jobs on and on, and you get no answers. These guys are helping out.”

“Most of the people that are working here were on unemployed, so this is a chance for them to have a job and a new opportunity,” Lance Stein, a new employee, said.
Stone Creek Homes has already hired 15 new employees from a pool of more than 400 applicants.

As modular housing grows, so do the opportunities for employment.  Now if we can only find a way to help people get into a new home instead of buying all those foreclosures on the market.

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Marta said...

I hope it works well for you and the area. Always room for another. Since the concept of modular housing provides many pluses. I wish you much success.