Wednesday, August 24, 2011


The problem started in 1989 when a fellow purchased an Saturn Trailer Park in Atikokan, Ontario, Canada and got the park rezoned to R2 which allows single family dwellings.  Apparently that was no problem but a few years back when times were lean, the owner decided to build some real modular homes there.

The neighbors in this little burg of 3,400 people, known as the canoeing capital of Canada, protested that they don't want trailers in their town.  No matter how much information was given them by a rep from Dynamic Homes Canada, the modular factory set to produce the homes, the citizenry would have nothing to do with it.

Now the whole thing is in the hands of the town council and it will be interesting if in a little town where everyone probably knows everyone else's business, if the modular homes will be allowed to be built or kicked to the curb.

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