Tuesday, August 30, 2011


If you listen to the news on TV, radio, the newspapers or on the Internet, you start to think that the US is the only country important enough to warrant any attention.  But when it comes to modular home and commercial construction and factories, most of our factories are behind the rest of the world.

Here is an example of how a German modular factory is marketing and selling their products throughout the world including at least one builder in the US.  Huf Haus is a modular company that has the capacity to build just about anything a client or builder would need.

Take a few minutes or maybe an hour and go through their website.  You just might find some interesting things you can use.  Also, look at their homes.  Can you say "Alpine" looking?  There's even a blog dedicated to all things Huf Haus by a fellow named Bob.



William said...

Coach, I do not think Huf Haus is what we term a "modular" manufacturer. They are more in the timber frame - post & beam and panelized discipline.
I have followed this company for years and recently saw a rerun of their operations on the "How it is made" tv program.

You can learn more about this company by visiting their web site at http://www.huf-haus.com/en/the-huf-house/post-and-beam.html

Coach said...

I agree, they are not true modular but how I love them! Other countries seem to embrace modular and system built housing much more than we do.

ibgreen said...

I got it!!!!! Market a modular brand made in the good ol' USA to the Germans. We can call it the "Hassel Hoff"