Thursday, August 18, 2011


Zarrilli Homes, LLC in Brick, NJ recently celebrated the Grand Opening of its second office and design center in Manasquan, NJ on Route 70 West in Manasquan.

Anthony Zarrilli and family opening their newest office/design center
“When selecting a location for this new facility, our top priority was to make it convenient for the client,” said Anthony Zarrilli, founder of Zarrilli Homes.  “With an increasing number of customers from Monmouth County, it only made sense to open a second location closer to their properties due to the amount of one-on-one consulting time required to design a truly custom home.”
Not unlike their home office in Brick, the new location provides “3D Walk-throughs” that shows buyers what their homes will look like on a 42-inch flat-screen television before construction begins.

“This makes it easy for the buyers to visualize their new home and make changes early in the process to ensure customer satisfaction,” added Zarrilli.

With the increasing popularity of Modular homes for teardown-rebuild projects along the Jersey Shore, Zarrilli modular homes are particularly attractive to homeowners because they are distinctly custom designs while still offering the benefits of high-quality modular construction.
“We’re probably as custom a modular builder as you get in the business,” notes Zarrilli.  "Each of our homes is extremely complex in its design. We set ourselves worlds apart from our competition using innovation that allows for wide open floor plans not often seen in modular construction. We also offer custom kitchens, three story designs, elevators, and some forward-thinking ‘green’ features such as geothermal heating systems, solar panels and Energy Star ratings. We give the customer an alternative to the basic ‘out of the book’ designs that anyone can build, and provide more options, room for changes and attention to details.”
What has impressed me about Zarrilli Homes is their marketing.  Anthony Zarrilli understands the importance of getting his name and reputation out there during this housing downturn.  I'm sure that when things turn around for the housing industry, Anthony will be poised to reap the harvest because of all the hard work and effort he has put into making his company one the strongest modular builders in the Mid-Atlantic region.


Robert said...

Wishing you the best in your new location Anthony!

William said...

Great story and a very nice web site. However, I never saw the name of the modular supplier anywhere on the site. (I apologize if I missed it.) The only thing I could see was the WESTCHESTER name on the house wrap in the YouTube 2008 video of the house set.
Why is it builders WILL NOT, or DO NOT want to associate themselve with the name(s) of the modular companies that supply them with product? After all the modular company does a great deal of work for the builder but for some reason builders are reluctant to link up with the modular company.
It would be interesting to see commments from builders who will not link themselves with their modular supplier(s).

Anonymous said...

The reason I don't put the name of my supplier on my website is that they don't promote me on theirs and show no loyalty. They build a nice box but so do many other factories.

I put the name of a previous factory on my website a couple of years ago and I had every other factory's sales guy calling me constantly. Let them guess who I buy from.

Bella said...

Hi, you made a great decision on choosing the great location and convenient for your clients. I hope next time you'll include more photos so we can view on how was the design, furniture used for the office etc... Did you hire a business furniture removal?