Thursday, September 29, 2011


People started moving in to Hope Haven 2, FEMA's newest temporary housing park in Joplin, MO this week.

FEMA is calling these modular homes.  They are not modular homes, they are HUD Manufactured Homes or as I like to call them...single wide trailers!
There is nothing wrong with using them as temporary housing after a disaster but can we all tell FEMA these are not modular homes!  This is just another example of why prospective buyers can get confused and ultimately turned off to modular homes.

Hope Haven 2 mobile home park in Joplin, Missouri

There are 51 of these temporary houses on this property across from the Joplin airport. All of them accommodate the single or two person households that were on the waiting list.

Like the other parks, Hope Haven Two is only temporary. Individuals have 18 months to find a permanent home.


Anonymous said...

FEMA is doing the same thing right now in PA.
I hate to say it but shame on the industry(s) for not working to make sure FEMA understands what they are talking about.
How many of the poor folks are thinking they are moving into a house, when they are getting a single wide, or worse, a park model!

William said...

In the hotbed of modular manufacturing FEMA is calling single wides MODULAR. C'mon somebody has to do something and I nominate Coach.
Write them an open letter and publish it on your blog and then send and email to FEMA giving them the blog address.

SPeterson said...

Coach, create a petition here on your blog that we can ALL sign (name, title, company) and THEN send it to Obama and FEMA.

None of us is smarter than all of us, but when brains fail, use a dadgummed 2x4 to win the arguement.

Never argue with an idiot. Sooner or later, you will have to drop down to his level and he will beat you with experience.

Anonymous said...

Before you jump suggest you check to see where these little things were built and under what code. It may surprise you where they came from. If the manufacturer is letting FEMA call them "modular" and they are not, then shame on the manufacturer.

Coach said...

I know a HUD home when I see one. I used to sell them for Champion! And FEMA doesn't listen to anyone especially the manufacturers they buy from.

They were even calling travel trailers "modular" during the Katrina crisis.

The people at FEMA were never informed by anyone that the modular housing industry doesn't want HUD homes used in the same sentence as modular, so they just go on their merry way calling anything built in a factory "modular."

Again, you wonder why new home buyers look down their noses when they hear modular home and think double wide. NOBODY has ever told them anything different. No the builders, not the factories, not any builder's association, not the press and certainly not the Realtors who are just as ignorant of the differences.

Somebody has to take a stand and come up with a term that everyone in our industry can agree on for what we build and start the ball rolling.

Amen, the preacher has finished.

Victor DePhillips said...

Coach, I met with FEMA and HUD two and 1/2 years ago at the NAHB Housing center for the purpose of bringing them up to speed about the modular product and to see how we could develop a simple RFP that could be issued by them for us to provide more permanently sited housing after a disaster. I did not haver high hopes for our discussions, considering the Government Departments I was talkking to, but I tried just teh same. They do know the difference, they don't always articulate it. They alos said that our industrty was slow to respond to their RFP after Katrina and after reviewing it, I coan understand why. It was so complicated that I would not have wanted to fill it out either. I tried to have them simplify it, but the consultant that they used to develop the form reccomended that "they stay with it." So when the next disaster hits, we will al have the same misrepresentation happen again.

Frank Hopper said...

Vic, the problem isn't with making the RFP simpler to complete. It's that FEMA already knows who they want to supply those "modular" homes and the RFP is written to those factory's standards and payment schedules.
If you think that you got a fair shot at getting those houses, you weren't, because the consultant that FEMA uses is a HUD guy who used to work for Champion.

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