Monday, September 26, 2011


I sat and watched the entire Extreme Makeover Home  Edition show on ABC last night.  I should have watched the show about foot fungal infection instead.

Chip Smith, the President of Blue Ridge Log Cabins, was very much in the camera for his company and for the modular housing industry and that was a good thing.  Chip is an excellent spokesman for modular housing and he is always working hard to improve his homes.

Chip Smith

The sad part was that outside of 55 seconds of filming inside his factory and a shot of the first of 13 trucks delivering the modules, you would be hard pressed to know that Chip runs one of the most unique modular factories in the world. 

Blue Ridge builds modular log homes.  Not just log clad homes, but real honest to God log homes in a factory.

Well, I guess 90 seconds of exposure is better than none, but come on, when is a factory going to have the balls to stand up to ABC and tell them to show more about the modular home experience.  Never.

We saw more attention given to touring the White House vegetable garden and that stupid pneumatic vegetable deliver system than we saw in Blue Ridge's factory where real Americans are building homes in the USA.

ATTENTION PRESIDENT OBAMA:  If you want to return to the White House with a win in the next Presidential election, you should have let Michelle tour the factory where voters are working to build the homes for the only industry segment that didn't get any home construction.

So much for our industry leaders and modular organizations standing up and demanding more recognition.  Next up is Nationwide Homes for the 4th time.  Maybe we can get Ty Pennington to put down the megaphone long enough to tour their factory and see the future of home building in America.


Anonymous said...

coach, you are so right when you say that Blue Ridge didn't get a fair treatment on the show. But thenm nobody but Michelle got much air time. And what was up with that air tube? I see that Nationwide is up next. Let's hope they get mentioned this time.

Builder Bob said...

Does the factory donate the house to the show? If they do and don't get any more recognition than Blue Ridge Log Cabins Excel and Nationwide Homes did, why are they falling all over themselves to be on the show. I could think of better ways to spend advertising dollars than on that show without my name being mentioned!
Now I saw the article where Nationwide is doing a fourth house and the only place I see anything about it is on this website and Nationwide's website.