Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Manorwood Homes in Pine Grove, PA had the worst news any factory could get.  Their modular home production line was flooded by Tropical Storm Lee and everything was lost.  The doors are closing on that factory forever.

While the parent company, Commodore, looks for a new factory to produce Manorwood homes, all production will be shipped to the company's Pennwest Homes plant and will continue to be a unique brand name.  All of Manorwood's specs will be retained and their builders are waiting for their first homes to arrive.

Let's hope that your factory never has to go through this.


Heywood said...

It is sad that Manorwood is gone. They always built a nice home.
Commodore owns the old Astro plant in Clarion, maybe they will reopen that as the new Manorwood.

Anonymous said...

My wife and I own a Manorwood home and love it. Sad to hear that they were flooded and are moving.