Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Carol O'Donnell, owner of CRM Modular Homes in Rhode Island, was elected President of her Chapter of the National Association of Women in Construction.

Congrats Carol!

National Association of Women in Construction
No. 1 of Rhode Island Chapter 52

September Network Meeting

Please celebrate with us the Installation of our
2012 President~ Carol O’Donnell
Her Officers and Board of Directors

6 o’clock Thursday Evening, September 29, 2011
Twenty Water Street, East Greenwich, RI

Cash Bar- Hot & Cold Hors d’oeuvre’s 
Members: $30.00       Guests: $35.00

Core Purpose:
To enhance the success of women in the construction industry
Core Values:
Believe in ourselves as women
 Persevere with the strength of our convictions
Dare to move into new horizons

Please RSVP by September 27, 2011

RSVP to Mary Famiglietti at mfamiglietti48@yahoo.com
Please make checks payable to: NAWIC - RI
PO Box 40804 Providence, RI 02904


William said...

Did I miss it or was Ms. O'Donnell's modular supplier absent from her web site? I did not even see it on her "products" page with all the other vendors logo's. At least could have been on that page.

John said...

I checked out her site and I couldn't find where she buys her modular houses either. Builders want the option of buying from any factory that will give them the best price. She could be a model for other women builders to choose modular but she isn't proud of where her homes come from.

Carol said...

You will see me soon, website being updated. I was with Chelsea for 15 yrs., then a brief time with Signature Building Systems. I am now with KBS, of ME, four months & four houses later, very satisfied.

John said...

Carol, good to hear that you are buying homes from KBS. They are a good company. Also nice to hear that you are doing business within New England. Those PA factories get enough of our business.