Friday, September 9, 2011


I have always told both modular home builders and especially the factories they buy from that they need to get someone to do an article about modular homes and make sure the company names get mentioned. 

Professional Building Systems, Middleburg, PA did just that when their name was mentioned in an article about a long time builder in the Washington DC and Baltimore, MD market converted to modular.  Give someone at PBS an "atta boy!"

Here is an excerpt from the article:

This week, Wohlfarth Construction will be building a new home in the Quail Run subdivision in Darnestown. New construction is not new to the Wohlfarth family, who has been building custom homes in the D.C.

metropolitan area since the1930’s. What is new about this house is the mode of construction, namely that it is a factory-built modular home that will be “under roof” and assembled in one day.

George Wohlfarth of Wohlfarth Construction makes it clear that this custom built modular home is “not a mobile home. When you say modular home, people get concerned,” he said. “But it is definitely not what you think.”

Scheduled for delivery this week, Quail Run’s new home will arrive in eight boxes at the construction site at 15213 Buckeye Court.
15213 Buckeye Court

Each of the eight boxes contains a fully-constructed module that will be assembled in sequence by a crane, almost like building blocks.

The modules are nearly completed rooms that are fully-insulated with primed drywalls and painted trim. Finished details are in place like electrical outlets, switch plates and recessed lighting. And, in many cases, vanities, tubs, appliances and cabinetry are already installed within the finished module.

This will be the first modular home that Wohlfarth has built. He had seen them go up in and around Bethesda and other locations, but was not sold on the idea of modular construction until, after two years of research, he came across Professional Building Systems in Middleburg, Pennsylvania. They are largest home manufacturing facility on the East Coast.
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William said...

Coach, is the statement - "They are largest home manufacturing facility on the East Coast" your words or theirs? Plus, what is this boast based on - size of their manufacturing facility or production volume?
Indicative of the mod vs mobile home argument over the years it was a surprise to hear this construction owner make the statement -- "this custom built modular home is “not a mobile home. When you say modular home, people get concerned.." From that statement I would say this is a new working relationship between Mr. Wohlfarth and PBS? SOmeone at PBS needs to educate him on the differences between what he is buying from them and other factory produced products. It certainly will help him in educating his potential buyers.

Coach said...

William, that statement is credited to the author of the story who you can find by clicking the CLICK HERE button at the bottom.

I try not to make such broad statements.