Tuesday, October 25, 2011


WITH rising house prices, increased stamp duty and more competition for that special patch of Australia, these could be the dwellings of our future. 

Modular houses can be erected in three days, cost between $100,000 au and $250,000 au, last up to 40 years and are "only slightly more difficult than putting up an Ikea bookshelf".  

This is the part that I don't understand.  Why are they predicting only a 40 year life span?  Even though these homes aren't what we consider true modular housing here in the US, they are flat pack homes (system built) and they should last just as long as other homes.

With Brisbane’s property prices predicted to rise 16% in the next three year to a median of $505,000 AU, according to economic forecasters BIS Shrapnel, some companies believe modular homes are a solution to the crisis.

They're a common form of housing in Western Europe and the US and one Australian company is hoping to bring the concept here by early next year in a bid to shave hundreds of thousands of dollars off home-building costs.

The modular idea are being aired at  Sydney Architecture Festival, where leading industry figures will gather to examine solutions to the increasing gap between real-estate prices and income.

"There is a demand for 150,000 dwellings a year in Australia - but only 120,000 are being built."  Mr Perren said although modular homes were a cheaper option, they wouldn't necessarily look cheap.  "The big problem with affordability is housing supply," he said.

The designs range from 485 sq ft, two-bedroom dwellings to 1,830 sq ft six-bedroom, single-story constructions.

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