Friday, October 14, 2011


Champion Commercial Structures, a division of Champion Homes, together with USModular announced a teaming agreement that will allow the companies to jointly pursue multi-family construction opportunities. This agreement brings together the Champion modular construction process with general contracting work performed by USModular to provide a hybrid construction solution and building model for residential developers.

 “Our partnership with US Modular allows Champion to focus on our core strength – working with clients to develop modular solutions to their building needs, and producing high quality modular construction,” said Dan McMurtrie, vice president, corporate development, Champion Homes. “USModular’s expertise in project planning, logistics, and general contracting enables the client to realize the full potential of modular construction; increased speed, cost savings, quality and risk control. We are excited to bring this new force to the marketplace.”
 “We sought a manufacturing partner that had the vision and scale of USModular,” said Abe Ferreira, CEO of USModular. “Champion is a great fit with their national manufacturing footprint, modular experience and corporate support services. We see this partnership as a great pairing of two leaders in modular construction.”
Could this be the trend for commercial modular companies?  Both Champion Homes and USModular are playing to their strengths.  Expect to see them do great things together.


William said...

Well Coach nothing extraordinary with this lawsuit. Typical "deep pocket" theory case. Those with the deepest pockets will always be brought before the bar of justice and most often duly judged guilty and ordered to pay damages. This is even more true when general public or small business person is involved in a case against big business -- which in this case one would classify All American.
Problem with this case is All American did not follow, or have in place, proper procedures of what happens to finished goods inventory when they determine to close a plant. With the plants they have closed it would seem their corporate big wigs would have had all necessary documents in place, all reviewed and approved by their legal department, and give to work out executives such as Mr. Kurth.
Instead they acted like a "mom and pop" operation and just flew by the seat of their pants. Not what one would expect of what touted themselves as a "major player" in the modular industry.

Anonymous said...

William, I don't think the lawsuit is against All American Homes. The lawsuit was filed against Triangle American Homes whoever they are.

William said...

Sorry anonymous but David Kurth works for All American Homes and he gave testimony in the case as the All American management that was sent to close the operations.