Friday, October 14, 2011


Over the years I have written many articles about some factories not supporting their builders with training, marketing and modular home building techniques.  Today I was sent a legal brief that clearly shows how all parties in a transaction can be confused by the arrangements between the modular home factory, the factory's authorized builder and the new home purchaser.

This lawsuit and its final judgement could be a great learning experience for all parties. 

But you and I both know that reading a 9 page document can be tedious in today's world of Twitter and Facebook where no more than 140 characters per message is the norm.  But the entire lawsuit.  

If you are a factory owner, management, a modular home builder or a prospective new home buyer, this is a must read.  Personally I blame both the factory for their lack of builder training and the builder for trying to take the cheap way out.  The people that suffered were the new home buyers who are probably telling everyone that will listen just how terrible modular housing is.  Damn shame!  It could have all been avoided with just a little work on all sides.

CLICK HERE to read the lawsuit and final verdict.

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