Monday, October 3, 2011


I've been reading tons of articles about the need for change within different industries.  The authors make compelling arguments that change is inevitable because it is being forced on us by the economy.  No other industry is facing the same problems that housing is right now which means change is coming and coming quickly.

Are you ready for it?  Probably not.  Change is tough.  It means implementing new policies, shifting people within your organization, maybe firing a few.  It also involves many meetings and possibly hiring consultants.  The downside to not changing is the death of your company.

All the articles say that change should start on Monday.  That might seem the logical time to begin letting people know how the change will help the company, themselves and the customer.  But Monday just might be the worst day to spring these changes on people.  This gives everyone an entire week to come up with reasons why the changes won't work.  Remember, you're not the only person in your company that doesn't like change, everyone hates it.

Implementing changes on Monday does make sense but the "change" talk should happen on Friday; preferably in the early afternoon.  The "change" team, who have worked on the new policies and have put in many hours of work getting ready for it will be just as anxious to announce it on Friday as any other day.   The people that grumble about anything will have had an entire work week in and just want to go home.  They will accept anything in order not to screw up their weekend.

This isn't to say that the changes aren't needed and are being forced down everyone's throat, it simply means that the people that usually instigate the mini revolts will be tired of talking about work on Friday afternoon and will tend to want to wait until Monday to start bitching about it.  

Giving everyone the news on Friday, including all the handouts that go with change, gives them the weekend to look it over, find fault with it and prepare to get together with their fellow employees first thing Monday morning and begin the "tear it apart" session.  But a funny thing happens on Monday morning, people are busy selling, buying and putting out the previous week's fires.  Even the complainers are too busy to invest a lot of time into changes that were announced and implemented last week.

I worked for a modular factory that made "change" announcements every Tuesday morning like clockwork.  By lunchtime everyone had chosen their side and were prepared to make a stand about the change.  Then someone in "Corporate" decided to make these changes every other week on Friday, the same day everyone got paid.  Smart move.  Complaining about them dropped to almost nothing because we all wanted to get our paycheck and get out.  Come Monday, we just accepted the changes and moved on with our work week.  Oh, we complained but there were no teeth in it by then.

Change is inevitable but announce it on Friday and implement it on Monday!

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Anonymous said...

Everyone always seems to get fired on a Friday so why not give all the bad news on one day. Thanks coach for another reason to call off sick on Fridays