Friday, October 28, 2011


Fuqua Building Systems, a modular home manufacturer stopped producing at its Boonville, MO factory in May and decided to close it for good earlier this month.

At one time they employed about 175 people at the Boonville facility, but sales started to decline when the housing bubble burst in 2007.

There were nine modular home manufacturers in Missouri and Kansas five years ago, and now there is only one. Fuqua operated in Boonville for more than 40 years.

Fuqua plant in Boonvill, MO
Fuqua made a series of layoffs before effectively closing in May. When the company cut 28 jobs in February 2010 but had hoped to hire some people back by late that summer.

Fuqua also closed its office in Bend, Ore.  They have already disabled all links within their website to the Boonville, MO production facility.


Anonymous said...

They took a $36,000 build deposit from me in April!!!
Management clearly new the issues and yet took the money knowing full well that they would not likely continue to build.

Anyone out there have the same issue with deposits not being returned?

Anonymous said...

Yep they took 29,000$ from me with no intentions of building a house. Now we are finding out that the owner is a known crook and scam artist.

Anonymous said...

Misery loves company!!

Sorry to hear you got bit by the crook as well. Would love to see this guy end up in jail!!
Have filed with the FTC and state attorney general, will go to great lengths to see this scam artist do some time!

Like this industry and business climate is not tough enough!!

Best of luck out there!!!

Anonymous said...

Friend of mine put up the entire cost of their house, over 150,000. They lost every penny. The sad part is they took the money in June after they had already closed up shop. They gave no indication that there were problems.

Anonymous said...

I purchased one of these pieces of junk back in 2007. I have had nothing but one issue after another. I just found out today that when they set my home up, all of my plumbing was vented wrong. This is just one of many issues I have had with this home. I wish I could find the man who sold me this heap.