Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Over the past few years I've seen some of the most simplistic modular home designs produced by real live Architects.  There are the MKD worshipers who think that Michelle invented modular housing and there are the ones that design homes from straw, mud, bamboo, recycled shipping containers and even glass houses.

They brag about their net-zero, green, eco-friendly and off the gird designs.  I actually like a few of them but for the most part, they look like someone used their child's Lego sets and built a house.

CLICK HERE to read a previous article showing actual Architects building their designs with Logos.

To prove my point, there are now dozens of Lego videos on YouTube showing how to design and build using Legos.  Here is just one of them


Anonymous said...

Coach, this is just too funny. I've actually been in an architect's office and saw some legos on a table. I thought they probably belinged to his kid but now I know who was using them.

Tim Watson said...

Coach. Quit being such an old poop about architects. Check out the work done by Allsion Ramsey Architects, Looney Ricks Kiss (NAHB Home of the year 2007, and it was modular) and Eric Moser Design (Eric is a designer not an Architect). Architects can be our best friends when they understand modular. We should all be tasked with bringing them into the fold, not mocking their missteps. The way out is through growing our share of the pie as it shrinks.

Coach said...

Tim, I really have nothing against Architects. There are some really great designs coming on line for the modular home industry from them.

My gripe is the Architect that thinks they have discovered a new way to build homes using what can only be described as double wides.

The real bright spot for the modular industry will come as more homes are designed by Architects that understand the entire modular process and how to work within the constraints.