Tuesday, October 11, 2011


The Watershed project had started when one of ProBuilt's builders learned his son was part of the University of Maryland’s Watershed team entry in the 2011 Solar Decathlon.

They began looking for engineering help about the end of 2010 and asked ProBuilt to build the structure at the factory rather than stick framing it on site. Their goal was to get a jump start on the competition so they could begin the technical part of the home.

Although different than "standard modular construction" ProBuilt agreed to build the shell for them. It was a tedious process to say the least, the floor design and fastening details the UMD required were unprecedented to a conventional home fastening schedule. All lumber in the home had to be southern yellow pine grade lumber.  The Watershed team wanted to have as "natural" or green structure as possible. The exterior sheathing was a product called Lock Deck which is a natural wood tongue and groove board, keeping with the "natural" look.

ProBuilt also built the roof system and shipped it on carriers where it was installed at the UMD site.  That’s where the student's began there project.

The challenge after the project was completed off-site was how to ship the Watershed to the National Park with the roof installed, top the National Mall. 

The roof system was left on for transport to the National Mall. With help of a site survey, a route was determined and at midnight the units left the University and arrived at 5:30 AM where the students immediately went to work taking the units off the frames and started the button up work.

This is just one of the houses that started their life as modular in the Solar Decathlon.  Past years have also seen modular homes.

The employees of ProBuilt Homes should be thanked for their exceptional efforts on this winning house.

Here are exclusive behind the scenes photos at the ProBuilt factory in Mifflintown, PA

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I really like seeing what the factory part of their house looked like. its not often we get to see how a house is built in a factory