Sunday, October 2, 2011


Its always nice to put the spotlight on a good builder, whether they sell only modular homes or manufactured and modular homes like Atlantis Homes in Delmar, Delaware.

Atlantis Homes approaches a decade in business with 2,000 new homes sold and business remaining steady. Quite an accomplishment for a family owned business that launched two months after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the United States that preceded a severe slump in the housing market and a national economic downturn that all but halted the sale of new homes.

 Randy Merritt Jr., his dad Randy Sr. and his mom Pam stand near some of their homes on Friday at Atlantis Homes in Delmar, Delaware
Randy Merritt Jr. can remember when prospective homebuyers would snub their nose at the prospect of settling into a manufactured or modular home. Times have changed.  "The myth was that these homes are inferior," said Merritt, a consultant at Atlantis Homes LLC.

"Even in the economic situation we have, we sell on average 200 homes a year," Merritt said. "That's a lot of homes."

Atlantis, a regional dealer of top brands in manufactured and modular homes, has model home centers in Delmar, Dover, Millsboro and Pocomoke City, giving the company visibility and customer access across the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Virginia and Delaware.

Atlantis Homes currently features manufactured and modular homes by Clayton, Norris, Skyline, Eagle River and Fleetwood.


Anonymous said...

Coach, I thought you hated street dealers? Why are you giving them space in a modular home blog?

Coach said...

Anonymous, I don't hate street dealers. The homes they sell are great. What I don't like are people that interchange the words "modular" and "manufactured housing" without any regards for the consequences it has on both industries.

Heywood said...

I am sorry, I know these guys, they are manufactured housing dealers and yes, they interchange the terms all the time.
I also was shocked to see this on your blog.

Coach said...

Heywood, I lived on the Eastern Shore of Maryland for over 5 years(Delmarva)and Atlantis Homes was a big name in the manufactured housing market there. I met them a few years back and thought they should be recognized for 10 years. I know they are HUD dealers, but as I've said before, I don't hate street dealers, I just don't like it when HUD and modular are used by others in our industry without regards for for how it confuses new home buyers.

As for Atlantis selling "modular" homes, that is what Fleetwood and others call some of their product lines so I guess Atlantis has every right to say they sell modular homes.

Anonymous said...

Eagle River, Clayon, and Skyline all build modular as well as hud code homes. Atlantis Homes also sells modular homes built by Nationwide, Ritz-Craft, and Penn West.

Anonymous said...

My cousin bought a Pro-Built Modular home from Atlantis Homes. Pro-Built only builds Modular homes built to Boca code, not HUD code. They placed their home in the TOWN of Rehoboth Beach, DE which doesn't even allow HUD built homes. They will only allow Modular Homes.