Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Crestline Custom Builders LLC is set to deliver the first modular home for Bluffton South Carolina’s Wharf Street affordable housing project on Thursday, and the town has started taking purchase applications for all six houses in the redevelopment project.

This is one of those projects that Crestline should promote through its website and market to everyone in their area but like most of the modular companies in the US, they probably won’t.  Too bad!  This is a great human interest story.

“Construction activities will be occurring on-site from Oct. 26 to the middle of December,” said a news release from the Growth Management Department.

Wharf Street and Robertson Street will be temporarily closed intermittently from Thursday through Nov. 18 to facilitate the modular home delivery. Town officials anticipate minimal delays because of the closures.

The six modular homes will go on a combined 0.52 acres. The projected total cost counting land is $1,046,788, including $11,624 from the town, according to a project overview released around the time of the August groundbreaking ceremony.

The house sizes will range from 408 to 1,391 square feet.

Crestline Park Model

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