Monday, November 7, 2011


The Building Systems Council of the NAHB has just announced the 2011 S.A. Walters Systems-Built Achievement Award winner ...Vic DePhillips of Signature Building Systems!

Vic was nominated for the award by a committee of the previous five winners of the award.  He was then chosen as the 2011 winner by a selection committee consisting of all past winners of the S.A. Walters Award, all past BSC Chairs, and current BSC Board of Trustees members for his lifetime of achievement in the systems-built industry and his dedication to the Building Systems Councils.

Vic’s involvement with the BSC started in the 1990’s and ever since he has been an active member of the BSC’s Modular Council and a staunch advocate of the uniform building codes for modular construction. He has served as BSC Modular Council Chair three times and has chaired the BSC’s Events Committee and Sales and Marketing Committee, as well as the BSC’s SHOWCASE in 2000, overseeing the first industry event taken offshore to Puerto Rico. He has served twice as Chairman of the BSC—in 1999 and again in 2010. He is currently a member of the NAHB Research Center Board of Directors and a loyal BUILD-PAC contributor. He has been a National Director for the Lackawanna Home Builders Association since 1996.

Vic began his career in the systems-built industry at a start-up modular home manufacturer shortly after graduating college. Just over 14 years after he started with the company, DePhillips was promoted to the position of president and CEO. During his time at the helm, the company grew exponentially in both sales revenue and production.

In 1992, DePhillips left this organization and started his own company—Signature Building Systems. In the past 20 years, Signature has grown from a small start-up to a two-plant operation with sales in excess of $44 million.

“Vic is extremely deserving of this award,” said 2011 BSC Chairman Harry Junk. “He has dedicated nearly 40 years to advancing the systems-built industry. He is a true leader in this industry through his involvement in the BSC and his local home builders association.”

The S.A. Walters Systems-Built Achievement Award is named after the first chairman of the Home Manufacturers Councils, now the Building Systems Councils of NAHB.


Heywood said...

Congrats to Vic!

Jimmy G said...

Nice guy. Nice award. About time.

William said...

Congrats to Vic. With his work within the BSC I am surprised it took this long to recognize him.

Frank Wright said...

Vic, Thanks for all the extra you have given to the Assoc's over the years. We lst meet in Wash DC in the late 90's after a day of Comm meetings at a outside Rest & Bar across from the Marriott Conf hotel.We all voted to see YOU AT THE TOP, enjoy! Frank Wright former Pres.,Dir Grayson County Builders AssocTx. NAHB retired

Victor DePhillips said...

Hey,you guys, you have no idea how gratefull I am for your comments and receiveing this award. Having been in the industry and active with the BSC for the past 30+years, this award was something really means so much. I really put a great value on the award the year I got to meet Marv Schuette at Showcase, when he received it. My respect for Marv and what he had accomplished made me really think about teh great honor and value of being fortunate enough to revceive it. So guys, thanks so much. Your kind comments concerning my receiving this award has made my 38 years in the industry all worth the fight.

Charles Bevier said...

Vic DePhillips has devoted countless hours of his life helping promote and organize the building systems industry. These things never happen in a vacuum, meaning he spent time (and money) away from his family and his business, just to help others in the industry have it a little easier when competing for business. Vic is also extremely honest, straight forward and charming to be around. I miss hanging with him.