Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Gen X Leaders Have What It Takes: Six Traits that Assure Their Success

I found this article by Tammy Erickson very interesting.  It's about GEN X and how they are different from the Baby Boomer crowd that has been in charge of the modular housing industry for the past 20 years.  It's time to acknowledge that they are the driving force of both industry and social causes.  Learn to market to them and modular housing factories will start kicking again.

Gen X's instincts, views, and attitudes help propel them in today's economic environment

by Tammy Erickson

Gradually businesses are handing over the reins of leadership to Generation X (born 1961-79). A number of major institutions are predominantly led by members of this cohort, and in government, British Prime Minister David Cameron, born in 1966, and U.S. President Barack Obama, born in 1961, are obvious examples of the transfer of leadership to Generation X.

Not surprisingly, Gen X is receiving its share of scrutiny about whether or not they have what it takes to assume the responsibilities of leadership in the corporate world.

They do! While Gen X's instincts, views and attitudes are very different from those held by the Baby Boomer generation of leaders, these traits are precisely what is needed to move forward and succeed in today’s economic environment. These qualities include:

1. They are self-reliant, have strong survival skills and can handle whatever comes their way with resilience.

2. They are avid adopters of the collaborative technology that will reshape how we work and live.

3. They have an innate acceptance of diversity; they welcome contributions of diverse individuals.

4. They have a rich sense of humor that helps them redefine issues and question reality.

5. They are advocates of a balanced work and personal life.

6. Their pragmatism translates into a passion for protecting our society.

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Heywood said...

Good qualities for our industry to adopt!
Thanks for sharing the article Coach.