Thursday, December 15, 2011


The need for housing in North Dakota's oil fields is clear  — and becoming more urgent every day. The oil drilling operations have flooded small communities with thousands of new residents, seemingly overnight. In Mountrail County, in the northwest part of the state, a full third of the population is living in temporary housing. Two "man camp" housing compounds planned for the town of Tioga (population: about 1,300) will add another 3,700 residents to the community.

Scott Fletcher, national sales manager for Chief Custom Homes in Aurora, Neb., said that adds up to a perfect market for manufactured housing.

"There's a big push with whatever developers and builders there are out there to be able to put up as much housing, as fast as possible," he said. "That's one of the reasons for us: We're quicker."

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William said...

Thank God for the Canadian sand oil fields and their need for housing and related structures. It is saving the day for many USA modular manufacturers enabling them to not only work but to expand their operations. This blog has weekly postings on companies like Chief Custom, Builders Choice, etc. that are expanding due to this market.