Thursday, December 1, 2011


I almost fell off my chair laughing when I started to read this article.  We now have another term for modular and manufactured housing...."Pre-made."  The article says that the poor economy is hurting pre-made home sales and maybe the government should do something about it.......D'OH!

"Poor Justin, he really tried to get it right"

You've got to read this story from WDBJ TV reporter Justin Ward in Danville, VA.  I don't know where he went to journalism school but apparently "Researching 101" wasn't offered when he attended.

CLICK HERE to read the article. 


William said...

Coach, I am not as upset over the term "pre-made" as I am with the contents of the article talking about "manufactured housing." Where is the talk about MODULAR? Why, because probably no one from the modular industry attended -- just the trailer boys who need help because they WILL NOT CHANGE from producing wobbly boxes.
And as for pre-made - is it as bad as pre-fab?

Anonymous said...

I hate the term pre-made. It sounds so pathetic that an entire type of housing can be lumped together with pre-made gingerbread houses and salads. I agree with Coach when he wonders where this bozo got his college degree.