Wednesday, December 7, 2011


For years we have been reading about those really cool modern prefab homes like the ones produced by many West Coast and a few East Coast companies.  Looking like they were designed using the Lego school of Architecture, they appeal mostly to the green Earth, sustainable materials crowd.

I started noticing something odd about them a few years ago besides their goofy looks (I live in the East..forgive me) and quirky building methods but couldn't quite put my finger on it until today.

The I realized that most of these houses are built in an open pasture or deep in a wooded area.  I have never seen more than one of them in a traditional neighborhood, probably because the neighbors threatened bodily harm to anyone else that wanted to build one.

I'm sure there are a couple of developments in the country that encourage them to cluster together but if you decided to build a traditional 2 story modular home there and park your Hummer and Corvette in driveway, those eco-types would be protesting your home as an invader in their little piece of heaven.  Eye of the beholder.

So who are these people that want to live in their eco-friendly, passive modernistic homes in the middle of nowhere?  Got me but obviously they really like it.  Go figure.


William said...

Coach, here is one of the problems. I got this from email via Zeta.

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Professor Smith said...

Have you read the book. It is to inform architects concerning the modular industry in order to push the modular market forward. The workshop is sponsored by the Modular Building Institute.