Monday, December 12, 2011


Tyler Craddock of the Virginia Manufactured and Modular Housing Association explains the difference between manufactured and modular homes.  And we wonder why new home buyers are confused about the advantages of modular housing.

This guy obviously gets paid by the HUD side (manufactured) of our industry.  Watch the video!


He makes it sound like modular and manufactured housing is interchangeable.


Heywood said...

I would guess that Tyler cannot identify any other differences.
On the other hand, how many folks could identify differences beyond the code?

William said...

Coach, after a lengthy battle I have come to the conclusion the HUD code folks - you know, those trailer guys -- have outwitted, outsmarted and OUTWORKED the modular folks in telling their story. The story that their homes manufactured to the HUD Code, requiring a steel chassis is a modular home. And you know what they do a good job of convincing buyers it is a modular home. You ask a HUD code homeowner what type home they live in and they proudly say ITS A MODULAR!!!
Over the years mod folks have talked a lot about how to compete against this by HUD code retailers and manufacturers but they have never gotten past the talking stage.
My question is -- is it really worth the fight? All the HUD Code units still mush have their sticker and reports do not indicate they have garnered much of a market share --- so how much has fully code compliant modulars lost in market share. Is it enough to go to war == or just enough to irritate? I would like to hear what others have to say about this thesis.

SPeterson said...

Having been on the enforcement side of both fences for 20+ years, what frustrates me the most is that HUD dealers misrepresent their product and realtors don't even know what they are selling and they don't care to understand. This is where the biggest "crime" is commited, IMHO.

I feel it should be pretty easy to sell the consumer a modular dwelling: simply ask him if he wants real property (structure and land) that appreciates in value or a titled trailer that will never be worth more than what you paid for it and land that nobody will want because it has a trailer home on it.

On several occasions, while investigating a consumer complaint is the field, I have had to tell the homeowner that what he is complaining about in his modular dwelling is perfectly legal ... BECAUSE HE IS LIVING IN A HUD-CODE HOME, not a modular dwelling he thought he bought!

Oh, the stories I could tell about these very kinds of things.

Heywood said...

S Peterson is right on!
If the modualr industry is content with the status quo, then the home buying public will never consider modular homes real estate!
If the industry is to survive, they must work for a bigger market share, and if that means divorcing themselves from the mobile home industry, so be it!