Wednesday, December 28, 2011


In a great article about "Kit Homes", CNBC featured Westchester Homes as one of the best modular home companies in the East. The only thing that I did find a little off was that the reporter called these "kit" homes.  I guess we now have another term for modular housing.

From CNBC:

Assembly is Required for These Kit Homes

Despite seemingly endless interest in decorating, landscaping, buying, staging and selling houses, actually building a house is a mysterious process that is mostly left to professionals. But for some homeowners, buying and in some cases assembling, a prefabricated home holds appeal.

A kit home can streamline the process of custom-building a house. While the prices aren’t bargain-basement, kit homes can cost less. Keep in mind that these homes cost more to build than just the sticker price on the kit. Buyers might have to pony up for windows, cabinets, fixtures, contractors, subcontractors and other features and services, in addition to purchasing the land where the house is located. The total cost to build the house, minus cost of land is called the turnkey price.
Colonial 1 by Westchester Modular
Kit cost:
$70- $100 per square foot
Turnkey cost: $110 - $185 per square foot
Bedrooms: varies
Bathrooms: varies
Square Footage: varies

The New York-based builder Westchester Modular offers custom homes in colonial, ranch, cape, and other designs. They look like familiar and traditional house styles but are modular, meaning they are built in cubes and pieces in a factory, on assembly lines. The manufacturer includes all the drywall, electric, plumbing, cabinets, sinks, and fixtures. Then the house is delivered to the job site, where it is set in place by a crane on a foundation. Later, a contractor connects it and does all the site work, including driveway and landscaping.

John Colucci, vice president of sales and marketing, says it’s a misconception that modular homes are of lesser quality than conventionally built homes, citing materials he uses like Andersen windows and all-plywood construction. “It can save a customer money because of our purchasing power. I’m building three houses here a week, so I don’t go through middlemen.” There’s also the time advantage gained when an entire home can be built in 45 days.

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