Tuesday, January 3, 2012


In August of 2010 I wrote an article about a humanitarian project collaboration between the Clinton Foundation and Clayton Homes to provide safe shelters for the people of devastated Haiti.  Clayton Homes Offers Clinton Foundation Discounts. 

After spending $1 Million dollars, the Clinton Foundation has found itself the proud owners of 20 shelters (double wide trailers) that officials in Haiti won't accept as habitable shelters or classrooms.  Ouch!

The Clinton Foundation has made public the results of its inspection of 20 trailers designed to be used as hurricane shelters and classrooms in Haiti, after an investigation found high levels of formaldehyde in one unit as well as problems including mold, leaking, shoddy construction, lack of sanitation and poor ventilation in others. 

Just think how many of the Katrina trailers they could have bought and shipped to Haiti with the same results as these 20 new ones!

While the foundation has backed off previous claims that the shelters built for the southern town ofLéogâne are “hurricane proof,” they maintain that the 20 trailers, built in the U.S. by Clayton Homes and funded to the tune of $1 million by the foundation, are “safely designed and structurally sound for their intended purpose.”

However, the Léogâne mayor’s office maintains that they are unfit as emergency hurricane shelters or classrooms. Léogâne civil protections officer, Philippe Joseph, says that without adequate sanitation facilities, he will not approve the shelters’ use in times of emergency, adding “there needs to be electricity to permit ventilation; there must be water and latrines; this is the minimum for us to be able to use these whether as emergency shelters or as schools.”

1/4/12  Here is the link to the earlier article with the video that shows the advantages of modular construction.   CLICK HERE


Anonymous said...

Clayton Homes, owned by one of the biggest one percent-ers, builds 20 substandard homes for Haiti. Then the Clinton Foundation, named for another one percent-er, buys them and dumps them in Haiti. Out of sight, out of mind.

Now the devastated people in Haiti won't accept them. And all this is happening far from our shores. Has to make you wonder who else our contributions to these humanitarian agencies is making richer. Sure isn't the Haitian people who now have 20 trailers they can't use.

Warren Buffet should order Clayton Homes to go to Haiti and do the repairs necessary to make them habitable just like they would if they were sold in the US.

Anonymous said...

AMEN Brother! Clayton Homes should be made to fix every problem they created when they built those trailers. Why should the poor people of Haiti be expected to do it?

William said...

The Clinton/Bush Haiti Foundation is one great big fiasco. I would say BIG LAUGH but nothing about the money they have wasted is funny.
Everyone who has been involved in rebuilding Haiti knows there is no infrastructure in place or being built (or even in planning) to support rebuilding of permanent structures.
There have been oodles of peripheral building systems pitched to Clinton/Bush as well as to other nonprofits to help rebuild Haiti but only a very small percentage are fully selfcontained -- meaning water, electric and sanitation that does not require dumping into public sewer or septic.
Unit Hatian government makes needed infrastructure those poor displaced Haitians will continue to live in, and prefer, their tents to what has been offered to them ie: Clayton crap.