Thursday, January 5, 2012



William said...

Coach, I hope you are not promoting builders/mod mfgrs/developers/etc spend their hard earned money to go to this expensive show. Travel/lodging/food/misc does not make financial sense for what one gains. Perhaps in a few years there will be something to see/learn from this event -- but not this year just like not the past several years.

Anonymous said...

Having never attended, I have to think that our industry is missing a great opportunity to market itself to builders.
Or has the industry been represented in the past? Has MBSA ever exhibited on behalf of the industry?

Coach said...

I've personally worked IBS. The builder's response to modular is always great until they get back home. Since modular is quite different than site building, most can't see how to make the transition.

That's where a trained, experienced factory sales force would be useful. Unfortunately most factories have never had a good track record of follow up and conversion.

PA mod builder said...

I've attended the last 6 IBS shows and I switched to modular after the second one. Glad I did. I am no longer with the company I started with but they were a good experience. I just needed to find a factory closer to my home so I didn't have to pay the increasing freight charges.
I built 7 homes last year with orders in the box for 5 for this year. They will all be modular but I have the IBS to thank for opening my eyes.