Friday, February 10, 2012


I've been watching the news, reading newspapers and following the latest trends and trivial topics on the social media sites and started to ask myself some really thought provoking questions. 

I soon realized that my brain is not equipped to answer most of them so I wrote down just some of the latest things that popped in my head hoping that maybe you might have some answers.

Let me know your thoughts.
  1. I just read that Matt Lauer of NBC's Today show might get $30,000,000 a year.  I wonder how much HE pays in taxes?
  2. The Obama administration is forcing the Catholic Church to provide abortions and birth control.  Has he started to remove all our civil liberties?
  3. Five of the largest mortgage banks are going to be forced to dole out $25B to people that got caught in the housing recession that they caused.  Have all these banks paid back their "bailout" monies or are they paying these fines with our money?
  4. When are we going to start recognizing Christmas again?
  5. Is there a GOP candidate that can beat the Obama machine?
  6. How many times in the past 12 months have gotten out of bed in the morning, looked outside and said to yourself..."Damn, what a beautiful day, I'm not going to work!"
  7. When was the last time you sold a house with no glitches or holdups with everyone doing their job correctly the first time and on time?
  8. Why do political parties fight to raise a BILLION dollars so that the candidate can be the President?  Do you think that elected people only get their salary and no other benefits?
  9. Is it OK to sue McDonald's because you no will power and always Super Size or don't get the gas mileage that's on the window sticker of a new car?
  10. Do you think consultants would be successful if they followed their own advice in the real world? 
  11. When was the last time you sold a home just because someone was willing to pay tens of thousands extra for all the green features in your home?
  12. Does it seem like there is a different "late breaking" scandal every 10 minutes?
  13. Do you really care what happens to Kim Kardasian?  or Lindsey Lohan?  or Kayne West?
  14. Has anyone been able to follow the story line on Alcatraz, the new TV show?
  15. Did you buy the latest tablet for $500 only to see its replacement with more features and selling for $300 about a week later?
  16. When was the last time you cheated on your diet and ate a Big Mac?
  17. How often have you had a customer tell you that their credit is perfect only to find out that you've just spent 2 months doing quotes for someone that has a 550 credit score?
  18. Did the right team win the Super Bowl?
  19. If Obama can bail out the "for profit" banks and auto makers, why won't he bail out the US Post Office?
  20. Is it time for Sears and KMart to pack up their tents and close their doors?
  21. Are you supporting WalMart because of the cheap prices?  Are you aware that it has been over a decade since they took down their "Made in America" signs?  Do you realize how empty their shelves would be without imports from China?
  22. Will new home buyers ever understand the difference between manufactured, modular, prefab and double-wides and will they really care?
  23. Was Clint Eastwood's ad for Chrysler about the strength of America or a subliminal message to let Obama finish what he started?
  24. Who buys wild Alaskan king salmon at Whole Foods for $32.99 a pound
  25. How many modular home builders does it take to screw in a light bulb?  (answer: One, because they actually do it...every day)


Anonymous said...

You now the answer to Question 2. Obama and the Catholic Church played chicken and Obama lost.

Chuck Owings said...

Good to rant once in a while now-a-days. It's amazing the commonality of frustrations facing the American public in this 'recessionary' time. The only real difference between now and the Great Depression is that instead of soup kitchens, they use Food Stamps and Welfare now...