Friday, February 10, 2012


Apex Homes in Middleburg, PA filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy on January 31, 2012.  No further information is available at this time but we will keep you informed as things develop.

Apex Homes factory near Middleburg, PA

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Insider said...

There are more PA facotrys primed for failure. Apex is only the first of several this year that will either file for bankruptcy, close their doors cmopletely or get bought out by another company.

Anonymous said...

Insider, do you know of any other factories that are on the verge of going out of business.

Anonymous said...

Many Pa. factories already closed their doors in 2011. The economy has not hit the upturn yet. That is for sure.

Coach said...

We have been receiving malicious comments about this article and it is our policy to not publish this type of comment. I'm sorry that these people have had problems but this is not the forum to vent them.

Anonymous said...

I have built Apex homes in the past and I would like to purchase 2units now. Have they finalized their reorganization plan with the Bankruptcy Court? Otherwise why in my right mind would I give them a deposit for a house to be built, I am accorded no protection. Will they escrow deposit? The way I see it unless their plan of reor. has been approved and they are out of Bankruptcy I cannot do business with them.